Calvin Klein 2018

ROLE: Senior Creative Producer / Art Buyer

The highly publicized rebranding and update to the Peter Saville logo and Raf Simons having had his first collection debuting at NY Fashion Week, the aim for the creative inspiration was for one cohesive brand communication. This was especially true for Calvin Klein Jeans, in not only the designs, but in styling, casting, set design and attitude. The focus was to align in a clear global communication through all touch points and lines.

2018 also saw the highly anticipated and successful first time launch of a new line of athletic wear: Calvin Klein Performance. This was heavily promoted through a 360 campaign that primarily focused on shape and movement and fell within the iconic Underwear line of the brand.


Photographer: Annemarieke van Drimmelen
Photographer: Pierre Debusschere
Photographer: Mel Bles
Stylist: Dimphy den Otter
Stylist: Nicco Torelli
Director: Anders Malmberg
Creative: Calvin Klein Agency

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